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Saga Fisk AS

The fishing business is located in Svolvær, Lofoten.

Therefore, it is natural that the company was established upon the traditions of the Lofoten fishery, where the Arctic cod travels from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn from March to April. Saga Fisk buys whitefish and produces and sells freshly packed fish, salted fish, stock fish and sugar-salted roe. The majority of our products are exported, something that we do ourselves. 

The harbor

Saga Fisk AS is active several places, mainly in Svolvær. The headquarters are situated in the harbor with a view to the boating and quay. In the same town there is a traditional fish landing at Hjelskjæret and a drying facility on Svinøya.


Brygga at Hjelskjæret has been a key part of the company for a number of years. The reception of fresh fish from boats happens here – to the greatest extent during the Lofoten fishery in the winter. At the factory the fish is gutted and skinned. Both fresh and salted fish are produced here. During season roe is also salted and fresh cod tongues are packed, and a sizable amount of the quality brand SKREI is also delivered from our factories. The salted fish ripens at the facility and all the fish is packed and transported directly from there.

Drying facility

On Kløfterholmen on Svinøya there is a drying factory. This facility represents the innovative side of Saga Fisk. At this location the fish is dried indoor, known as industrial drying. Here the drying production can proceed throughout the year under controlled conditions. This gives high quality products, and we make sure the entire fish is utilized. The production mainly consists of dried heads, bones and cut-offs; this is called apama. Whole fish is sliced into cutlets which we dry as well.

Over the past few years the company has built their own transport department. Saga Fisk buys feedstock to the drying factory from manufacturers across the entire Northern Norway. We have two large trucks at our disposal which does our transport, and we are working closely with our suppliers. When available we also transport fish for other producers. Additionally, we own a side loader that loads containers on the dock, both for Saga Fisk and other producers/exporters.

Outdoor drying

Alongside the modern production, Saga Fisk also produces stockfish in the traditional way. Outdoor drying is done on wooden racks called “hjell”. These are located in Svolvær, Henningsvær and Laukvik. The fish hangs here from March to July.

In addition to these facilities the parent company of Saga Fisk, Falch Svolvær, part owns a cold storage plant on Olenilsøy in Reine as well as the facilities of Riksheim Fisk AS in Henningsvær. This makes for easy collaboration with Saga Fisk, which in extension gives a broader widespread in the Lofoten islands.

Our most important markets are Nigeria (stockfish) and Portugal (salted fish). A big part of our fresh fish production, including the quality brand SKREI, is shipped to Spain.