Bilde fra CUBA

Seafood from Lofoten

Saga Fisk deliver fish and seafood products.

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Focusing on quality

Producing with fresh ingredients from all over Northern Norway.

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We sell both traditional stock fish - unsalted fish that is naturally dried by the sun and the wind on racks - and industrially dried fish, fish heads, bones and APAMA


Wet salted fish

During the winter, we produce significant quantities of wet salted cod. We export this to Spain and Portugal.


Fresh fish

During the seasonal cod fishery in February / March, we pack fresh cod, cod roe and cod tongues for the European market.

Saga Fisk - ung bedrift

Though Saga Fish is a relatively young company, tradition is an important way to describe us. Our primary product, dried fish, has a long tradition. Also worth mentioning that the daily drivers are fish buyers of the sixth generation.